Tourmaline Magnetic Neck Support

Name: Tourmaline Magnetic Neck Support
Colour: blue, yellow and black (length: 45.5cm; Width: 10cm)

1. Self-adhesive Velcro with free adjustment
Main material:
Nano-composite materials, tourmaline high-tech self-heating materials,

made of imported high elastic fibre cloth - soft and comfortable fabric. It has good elasticity, ventilation and comfort. Tourmaline cloth attached to the back of the neck can release far infrared and negative ions, which is beneficial to human body by penetrating deep into the skin, and activates cell activity with more vigorous metabolism, promoting neck blood circulation and improving the surrounding tissues and organs function. Six permanent magnets located in the key points of the neck can release a variety of trace minerals beneficial to human body, like silicon, boron, magnesium, iron, etc., with the magnetic effect and activation of neck acupoint.
Dredge the meridians and activate the cells. Wearing this product has a significant effect for elimination of neck pain and fatigue, prevention or treatment of cervical sprain and cervical disease and relief from other discomfort.

1. the use of nano-composite material makes its fine texture, softness and elasticity. It is light and comfortable to wear.
2. Adjustable bilateral Velcro and elastic to fit the body

1. people with a variety of cervical inflammation and cervical discomfort
2. people who work or study at desk for long time
3.people who are inclined to neck injuries and feeling pressure on the neck
4.people who are prone to get stiff neck during sleep
5. Used for long-distance driving. Adjust the driver's head to the suitable angle (15-20), to avoid jugular compression and relieve neck fatigue for safe driving.

1. For better effect, wipe on the tourmaline cloth with wet cloth.
2. Tourmaline cloth attached closely to the body and also fixed in the neck position which needs physical therapy.
3. Adjust the elastic in a proper way, stick the Velcro, you will feel a sense of significant thermal and acupuncture after 15-30 minutes.

Maintenance instructions:
1. Place it in a dry and ventilated place which keep it away from moisture.
2. Recommended for the exposure in the sun within 2 hours.
3. Keep it clean when in use
4. Do not place magnetic products (for example: bank cards, mobile phones, etc.) nearby so as to prevent the possible magnetization.
5. Soaking in water for long time is prohibited. We can gently rub the lint side soaked with water and wipe the functional side with clean water.
6. Avoid Ironing

1. Stop using if you have a fever or damaged skin directly to where you want to apply it.
2. Please use cautiously under the doctors instruction for those people with cardiac pacemaker and individual allergic constitution.
3. Recommended for use after 48 hours from acute trauma.
4. Unsuitable for pregnant women and children.
5.15-30 Minutes per day is recommended


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