Ripple air mattress

Name: Ripple air mattress
Ripple Air Mattress is good for the prevention of pressure sores in bed ridden patients.
If someone who is unconscious or paralysed is lying in one position for more than an average of 2 hours, huge ulcers called pressure sores develop. These are a serious threat to survival. Besides the 2 hourly turns that one does, the bubble air mattress can be set to alternate its points of contact every 2 hours and therefore relieve pressure. This effectively turns out to be like hourly turns and therefore obviate the development of pressure sores.

- Dual-layer Structure
- The upper-layer is very comfortable
- Tiny holes on the surface, Speed up the air-flow under the body
- The lower-layer can fluctuate or tilt
- CPR air escape design: convenient in emergency rescue
- Tiny holes jetting: restrain the breed of bacteria
- absorbent and does skin massaging
- Inflating alternately in cycle by two pipes
- Adjust the pressure manually to a comfortable degree
- Two exterior fuses to ensure safety and is easy to repair
- Exterior filter: more stable quality
- The power is not more than 10W,energy saving
- Low noise design, not more than 40DB


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