Philadelphia collar


Name: Philadelphia neck collar
Material and structure:
It is made of high-quality plastic foam (eco-friendly material, odourless and non-toxic). With Velcro straps to keep in closed. It consists of a front piece with chin support, and curved back piece that fits against the lower part of your skull.

Sizes: S, M, L

1. Used for neck fixation during first aid.
2. For preoperative and postoperative stabilization of cervical spine.
3. For immobilization of cervical spine.
4. For retrograde affection of cervical spine.
5. For ligament or soft tissue injury of the neck region.

1. Air holes around the neck support to reduce heat and moisture.
2. Two pieces designed to enhance patient's comfort.
3. Anterior opening for trachea.
4. Conformance to the shoulder and mandible contour allows superior stability and comfort.
5. Total cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment of the cervical spine.




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