Air neck traction

Name: Air neck traction
Air neck traction made of rubber to give rigidity. It has a cloth lining on top to give comfort to the user. It can be inflated to desired levels.

1. High quality brand with the latest developments in the field of health and aesthetics
2. Provides sufficient traction, more than 75 pounds, by inflating the unique air tube chambers with a hand air pump.
3. Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin and light weight.
4. Efficiently supports the neck and head
5. User friendly
6. Portable device for neck pain relief
7. Bio Magnetic therapy - improve circulation and healing power

Who should use Air Neck Traction device?
1. Aging people
2. People with upper back pain or neck pain
3. Computer users, programmers
4. Office workers
5. People who lacks exercise
6. People with stiff neck and cervical muscles
7. People suffering from pressure build up in neck & shoulders
8. Neck injury recovery



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