Air neck traction

Name: Air neck traction
Half-flannel air neck traction provides gentle, adjustable traction and provides relief for certain types of acute or chronic neck pain. The Cervical Traction was designed and developed for the prevention and treatment of cervical vertebra disease. It allows deep neck muscle relaxation, relief of tension, muscles spasms, stress and pressure in the neck, shoulders, head and cervical vertebra area. It can effectively aid the treatment of cervical disease, improve the blood supply to neck and brain, relieves many kinds of symptoms caused by cervical disease. It has curative effect on cervical alterations, protrusion of inter-vertebral disc, stenosis of the vertebral channel, hypertension injuries and osteomilagic carelessness, as well as the hemiparesis due to cervical vertebra pathology. Made up of new type of material with soft texture, Neck Traction makes patients feel comfortable.
Characterics: quick effectiveness, safe to use, convenient and no side effects.
Colour: Navy Blue

a. High quality brand with the latest developments in the field of health and aesthetics
b. Provides sufficient traction, more than 75 pounds, by inflating the unique air tube chambers with a hand air pump.
c. Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin and light weight.
d. Examination with X-ray, CT, MRI Scan can be conducted even while wearing the air neck traction.
e. Efficiently supports neck and head
f. User friendly
g. Portable device for neck pain relief
h. Bio-Magnetic therapy - improve circulation and healing power

a. Ageing people
b. People with upper back pain or neck pain
c. Computer users and programmers
d. Office workers
e. People that lack exercising
f. for stiffness of neck and cervical muscle pain.
g. People suffering from pressure build up in the neck & shoulders
h. Neck injury recovery.


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